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We select the right methods of analysis and evaluate the proportions of immissions present in the environment. For example, we use concentration and deposit methods such as passive collectors, the Bergerhoff dust deposit method or bulk sampling methods, to establish exactly which impurities are introduced to the environment and the soil, and their concentrations. The next step is the evaluation of immissions in water and soil.

Biomonitoring is the only monitoring system that directly records environmental impacts of pollutants in line with the German Federal Immission Control Act. Bioindication is a biomonitoring method for evaluating immission forecasts and predicting risks. Biomonitoring is thus not a rival for technical immission measurement, but an individual process with a unique status.

Environmental analysis and biomonitoring can be used for internal optimization processes, such as identifying relevant pollutants and sources and documenting positive impacts of emission-reducing actions, as well as for

Promoting acceptance. Concrete fears posed by residents and the public can be successfully allayed if you provide accurate information about where air pollutants are emitted and their nature, concentrations and impacts. The public's concern is not confined to compliance with legal limits, but also addresses their own lives and how they are personally affected.

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