Our Challenge

We support you with quality and reliability in immission protection measures, in internal optimization and in trust-building activities.

Diagramm showing how air contaminants enter the environment as immissions

Emissions are released by many sources. Air contaminants are carried through the air and partly converted there, entering the environment as immissions. Environmental analysis and biomonitoring record air conditions and the impacts of these substances on the environment.

We develop concepts, implement measures and supply independent appraisals.

  • Provision of targeted custom consulting services and strategically designed solutions
  • Identification and integration of stakeholders
  • Development of valid measurement strategies as the basis of informative evaluation
  • Selection of measurement points and methods, establishment and supervision of measurement networks
  • Differentiation between impacts of individual substances and their entry pathways
  • Management of interdisciplinary projects, maintaining a clear overview and meticulous attention to detail
  • Recruitment of distinguished, dependable accredited partners for special tasks
  • Communication of information, reference values and contacts
  • Professional evaluation of results and their informative presentation