Environmental Monitoring and Biomonitoring

Your aim is to obtain reliable information concerning immission control, deposition and entry into the environment, plan a measurement or monitoring project and apply the right methods and measurement strategy to achieve convincing results. We provide overall support for your project from the outset, or supply a range of professional services for individual aspects.

Your aim is to plan, implement and audit sustainable changes or improvements to your business operations to benefit people, the environment and your business management. We supply consulting and support to provide you with the information you need on the impact of those changes.

Your aim is to inform your stakeholders about the environmental impact of your company. We supply you with the methods, experience, measurements and expert appraisals you need to obtain and communicate this information.


  • For an industrial company planning expansion measures: development of environmental analysis based on emission sources, selecting the optimum and streamlined combination of methods from a repertoire of monitoring of contaminants and pollutants in air, precipitation, water and soil and biomonitoring
  • Implementation of informative biomonitoring as the basis for official approval of an incineration plant
  • Conducting honey monitoring as a voluntary service for agricultural producers in the vicinity of commercial airports
  • Performing ozone monitoring as environmental education campaigns with schools
  • Design and production of an impact map of the ecological effects of clean air planning
  • Monitoring the transregional immission-background